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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

V-VII/2016 (EN)

Information and updates

Czech Healthy Cities Summer School 2016: Funds, Quality, Housing, Health and Sustainable Development

Over 140 municipal representatives, not only Czech Healthy Cities members, but also other interested parties attended Healthy Cities Summer School 2016 at the Museum of the City of Chrudim. The main themes discussed covered funds, quality of local authorities, sustainable development, affordable housing, waste-free economy, quality of life of seniors and awards for young people who are not afraid of big challenges.


Adapted to Climate Changes? Activities Already Started in Chrudim.

A team charged with discussing measures to mitigate the impact of climate changes on towns and its surroundings met for the first time in the second half of June in Chrudim. Despite occasional denial of the issue, a variety of models clearly demonstrate that in the near future our geographical conditions will see not only the rise of temperature and the decrease of rainfall but also a growing number of extreme weather events such as torrential rains, flash floods etc. Chrudim, which was the first town to have gone through a thorough sustainable development audit, intends to be ready.


Cultural Planning in Towns… and how to go about it?

Despite being an important factor in the development of a town, culture is often an underrated theme of little impact on strategic or territorial documents. Czech Healthy Cities Network in cooperation with expert partners from Culture Matters and Kvas looks for a solution to this situation. The outcome of these efforts is two new methodologies which will be tested for the first time in Litomerice and Jihlava Healthy Cities. The testing of both methodologies is funded by the Healthy Cities project “Good quality LA21 in municipalities and regions” supported by the funds from the Operational Programme “Employment”. Following the testing, the methodologies will be offered to all Healthy Cities interested in this theme. 


Healthy Cities Public Fora Enjoy Success. In the first half of the year, twenty-eight events were held with an attendance of 2500 citizens!

In the first half of 2016, twenty-eight Healthy Cities Public Fora were held bringing together 2500 citizens. The highest attendance was achieved at the Public Forum of Litomerice which was attended by 200 citizens. For September, new meetings are planned with already 21 registered towns so far.
A Healthy Cities Public Forum is a meeting which allows citizens to determine the biggest issues of their municipalities and identify by voting 10P – ten priorities.


In the First Half of 2016, Czech Healthy Cities Network Increased Its Membership by 7 Members

Czech Healthy Cities Network keeps significantly growing. This year, the association has already been joined by 7 towns, municipalities and municipal districts: Benesov, Havlickuv Brod, Krhova, Prague 8, Prague 10, Tynec nad Sazavou, Vyzlovka. In the first half of the year, the number of the association´s members amounted to 130 with a regional influence over 2105 towns and municipalities with 5,454 millions of inhabitants living there (52 % of the population of the Czech Republic).


Coming soon

This Year´s European Mobility Week: “Smart and Clean Mobility. Strong Economy”

European Mobility Week (from 16 to 22 September) takes place every year since 2002 with the aim to promote safe and environmentally-friendly means of transport in towns and municipalities. This year too, Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions will join the campaign.


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